Aussies beat India by 50 runs

Indian bowlers pinned down Australia but their famed batting colleagues made a mess of a modest chase as the visitors hurtled to a 50-run defeat in the cricket tri-series one dayer here today.

After their seamers had restricted Australia to 203 for nine wickets in 50 overs, India's much-vaunted batting order proved a huge let down as they collapsed in just 41.2 overs for a meagre 153 against an Australian attack sans their spearhead Brett Lee.

Australia also managed to bag an additional bonus point from the win and are virtually assured of a place in the final. The hosts lead the table with 17 points in the kitty from five matches. India remain second with eight points from as many games, while Sri Lanka have six from four outing.

India, chasing 204 for win, were always against it when they lost three wickets in a clutch to be 59 for four in the 16th over. Irfan Pathan (14), Gautam Gambhir (34) and Rohit Sharma (1) departed within eight balls to leave India staring at defeat at a critical time.

Sachin Tendulkar went early for five off a dubious leg before decision but Gambhir and Pathan took the score to 55 without much trouble when the rot set in.

India were revived by the 56-run fourth wicket stand between skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni (37) and vice captain Yuvraj Singh (26) and appeared to be back once again in the hunt. But Aussies bundles India with a disciplined bowling performance. The Batsmen once again failed and flattered in making an impression. Now Aussies are way at the top of the points table and its now the battle between India and Srilanka to meet the Aussies again in the Finals. Who will meet the giants is the big question.

Have a nice time in Tokyo

Being only for 2 weeks in Tokyo its not really difficult to entertain youself. Basically everything you experience has high similarities with your previous life but slightly different, enough to upscale it to entertainment.
One of my main activities is exploring the Japanese cuisine in different environments. So, up to now I have randomly tested 14 restaurants. The majority of these places are identical, <30 sqm, a limited number of tables and a bar for the unaccompanied people (usually I have a reservation there). Since most of the times the menu-card comes in Japanese, without pictures the selection process is the following: a) either I point someones food, which is not the most polite thing to do; imagine an 187 cm greek, with a mohoc haircut and a couple of earings, pointing your food and barking in an unfamiliar dialect when you are 170 cm and maximum 60 kilos. I see the fear in their face and smiling doesn´t always help. b) me or the waitress mimic different animals and accordingly we choose pork, chicken, beef. Unfotunately this approach limits me in the sea food.
However, this gives me the opportunity to try many different tastes but always in the base of rice or noodles. The quality was very high in all 14, whereas normalization of the data with the price ´´ejects´´ the quality to the highest level. I should mention that I am refering to a class of restaurants that do not exist in Denmark while in Greece you found them under the name ´´koutoukia´´ (small tavernas, not funcy decoration, limited selection of food, very friendly atmosphere). Usually its a family business and the couple (wife and husband) are easily spotted.
The price for dinning in such a place is maximum 1000-2000 YEN, or 40-80 DKK. This explains the 14 restaurants in 16 days. Trying to make these restaurant-nights a bit more interesting, me and myself made an agreement. I will not go twice to the same restaurant these 12 months. This adds an extra level of appreciation in everything happening there. Especially the moment before I leave has something almost ritual. Knowing for sure that I will never come back makes me a bit sad. And then I try to see every detail of the place (it doesnot really take long for <30 sqm) and notice anything that could be the trademark of it (ok lets be honest usually I dont find much). Anyway, its a nice game. The exception, because you always need an exception, is the first restaurant that I joined when I arrived. I am allowed to go again.

Dont miss us next week, we talk about nightlife and clubbing, as well as how someone becomes a collector.

Closing with some random thoughts.
They hate microbes. I am eating in a restaurant next to a woman around 55-60 (you never know with them, they look 16 and they are 30, so maybe she was 90). The first two sentences was an introduction the third one she goes, ´´you know there are a lot of viruses in Japan and foreigners get them very easily. Every time you go home wash your hands very well and then put water and soap in your mouth and gargle. If you do this every day you will be ok´´. If I do this every day I will freak out. A lot, a lot of people are wearing these classical white masks when they are sick. If this is to protect the society from spreading the viruses is not working, there are simply more people with masks than without.
In a discussion with a colleague at work he told me that usually stays at work until 23.30. But not on the weekends, he comes later. In my question ´´this doesnot really gives you a lot of free time to do other things´´ the response was ´´I watch tv´´. This is when my hopes to establish meaningful relationships with my colleagues died.
Usually I am writing the blog in an Italian cafe. The Japanese that run the place have been advised to say an Italian word in every order. Its simply hilarious to hear a long Japanese sentence finishing with the words ´´prego´´ or ´´porfavore´´, with a Japanese accent. Simply hilarious.

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A big 2008 for Vikram

Vikram, after his latest venture Bheema, is now concentrating on Kanthaswamy. Having started off fashionably well, Kanthaswamy is also shaping up as expected. Though this should have kept the star happy, his thirst for offering more good films is evident, as he is now on the lookout for fresh projects. Also, from now on, Vikram intends not to spend too much time on a single film.

There was also another film on the cards, Rajavesham, which was to be directed by G. Boopathi Pandian. The project was slated for a start after Kanthaswamy. But according to the latest buzz from Kollywood circles, this film has been shelved for the time being, as the director is intending to introduce his sibling as hero.

For Vikram, Sri Rajakaliamman Media has recently made him a new offer. Vikram seems to have nodded consent for the movie. Last heard, the hunt is now on for a director. An official announcement in this regard is expected anytime soon.

After Aamir, its SRK now as Director

The latest buzz in Bollywood movie forums is talk of a probable sequel to Chak De India. Rumors of Shak Rukh himself (taking a leaf from Aamir Khan) directing the sequel did the rounds for a bit. The “Bollywood Fan” reported: “A source from the industry who's reputed to be close to SRK, mentioned, "The idea of making a sequel came to SRK after seeing the success of Chak De India at the box

office. SRK will be meeting Yash Chopra to obtain the necessary consent. The sequel begins with SRK marrying one of the girls from the team. The film will also revolve around women's hockey. The shooting is to begin from the middle of the next year". But now there’s new talk of Rani Mukerjee being in the lead, playing a woman coach. Director Shimit Amin and screenwriter Jaideep Sahni are supposed to be working on a script for Aditya Chopra. The idea of a woman coach is interesting but we’ll just have to wait and see what develops

Jab We Met in Tamil

Jab we met’ starring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor was a great hit last year in Bollywood. The film was talked about for its freshness in narration and for the performance of its lead actors. In fact heroine Kareena had bagged many awards for the film. Now this movie will be made in Tamil and Telugu and the remake rights have been

purchased by Moser Baer. As ‘Jab we met’ will be made in both these languages, the producers wanted their heroine to be popular in both the languages and they have zeroed in on Trisha

It has been said that Trisha is also very keen to do this film and when contacted she said, “I saw Jab we met and I liked the film a lot. The role of the heroine in this film is on par with the hero. The first half of the film is a hard core comedy while the second half is laden with emotion and sentiment. I am fortunate to get such a character early in my career.” When questioned about her other projects Trisha said that she is doing Radha Mohan’s Abhiyum Naanum and Dharani’s Kuruvi right now. For the role of hero in Jab we met remake, Dhanush has been approached but confirmation is yet to come.

William Dafoe

Prasanna is very sure that he will have to tread carefully from now on as film offers are coming his way in plenty now. He is particular that he will accept only if the story is good.

After ‘Anjadhey,’ his next film released would be ‘Kannum Kannum.’ He also has another film ‘Achamundu Achamundu’ that he has signed for.

Sneha will pair with Prasanna, while most of the others in the cast include Hollywood stars. After considering many stars for the villain role, they have now zeroed in on Willem Dafoe.

Though Dafoe at first said he was not free, he later on accepted the offer once he heard the story.

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Robo Launched Officially

Formally Rajini starrer Robo shooting started in a AC hall at AVM Studio.

Robo will be the movie with largest investment in Tamil cine industry history. Total cost of the movie is expected to be Rs 125 crores.

The movie is being directed by Shankar and produced by Jankaran Films.As the shooting was related only to Rajini, Aish did not participate. Still the selection for artists is going on for the movie.

Bucknor Back

Umpire Steve Bucknor, who was removed after his controversial decisions cost India the Sydney Test against Australia, will return to international cricket during Bangladesh's home series against South Africa from Feb 22.

After his glaring mistakes in the ill-tempered Sydney Test raised a storm in India and forced the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to pitch in aggressively for his removal, the International Cricket Council (ICC) calmed the nerves by dumping him from the series.

Bucknor, a veteran of five World Cups, will officiate in the two Tests between South Africa and Bangladesh in Dhaka and Chittagong. Pakistan's Aleem Dar will be the other umpire.

"The first Test gets underway in Dhaka Feb 22 and after that the action will shift to Chittagong for the second Test, which starts Feb 29. Both Tests will be umpired by Aleem Dar and Steve Bucknor," the ICC said in statement issued here Saturday.

After the Test series, the host team will play South Africa in three One-Day International (ODI) matches - Chittagong (Mar 9), Dhaka (Mar 12 and 14).

"All three ODIs will be umpired by Dar and a local appointment," the statement added.

Bangladesh will then welcome Ireland for another three-match ODI series. All the matches are scheduled in Dhaka (Mar 18, 20, 22) with Sri Lankan Tyron Wijewardena standing with a local umpire.

Sri Lankan Ranjan Madugalle has been appointed as the match referee for both the series

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