Sharath Cautious

Sarath Kumar’s daughter Varalakshmi is debuting in the movie Poda Podi with Silambarasan. But father Sarath Kumar has talked to all his close friends in the industry to keep an eye on his daughter and inform him if she gets into trouble. Silambarasan who heard this have kept a distance. He spending his time on his laptop and away from outside world. The pooja for this movie is scheduled in Toronto Canada on August 15th. It will be directed by Vigesh Siva.

Bharatiraja critises Dasavatharam

Director Bharathiraja, at the press meet held at Trichur said that Tamil cinema recently is movie towards a phase without good storyline. He pointed out that Kamal Hassan’s latest movie Dasavatharam has focused more on technologies but not the story. A same question was thrown by a reporter to Kamal “Do you agree that the movie Dasavatharam has no story?” To that Kamal Hassan answered that he agrees but that he never promised there would be a strong storyline.

Shriya opts out of Dhanush's Movie

Earlier when Dhanush was acting in the movie Polladhavan, seeing the success it gave and how nice the Polladhavan team were, he said that he has to team up again for another film. Hearing this, the director and the producer of the movie Polladhavan started to work on their next film. Meanwhile Dhanush has completed the movie Yaradi Nee Monhini and went on to Padikkadhavan. Lady Shriya Saran was also has signed up for this movie to be made in March to April and being popular actress has worked out other dates accordingly but Dhanush was not ready. She returned the money and opts out of the movie. Now producer Kathiresan and director Vetri Maaran have look for a new heroine.

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