Playstation 3

Hi Readers! I got to come across another interesting site which showed its character just by an initial look at the site. The site is related to playstation3. We all know what a playstation is all about and Xbox being around, there is a stiff competition around the different versions of playstation. Since i do not know much about the playstation quality, the price and the requirements, i was searching for those details. I came across this site which provided me with the complete guide for playstation3.
They have framed the whole page beautifully. First there was guidance given to buy playstation3 followed by the controller (Sixaxis Controller) needed and then the features and specifications. In the guidance part they have given details of what is playstation3 at the market and they have given different playstation3 consoles along with their prices. The different consoles are like playstation3 40 Gb game console , 60 Gb, 80 Gb and so on. They have given the details regarding the controller that is provided with the playstation3.
When we decide to buy any product, the main criteria that we look upon is the features of that particular product. We tend to look at the features of that particular product and compare with that of the earlier versions of that product. Here you dont need to strain yourselves to search for features like remote controls, adapters and various such things. They have given it in details at this page. Finally they have provided us with the specifications that are provided by the Sony company with their playstation. If any one of you reading this post have an idea of buying a playstation3, do visit this site and get a clear picture of what are you going to next before buying a playstation3.

Michelle takes a break from Hollywood

Hollywood actress Michelle Williams is taking a year off from acting, so she can properly grieve over the loss of ex-fiance Heath Ledger and dedicate her time to their daughter Matilda. Williams took a brief break after Ledger's death January from an accidental drug overdose, reports She admits combining a busy work schedule with being a full-time mom has left her mentally exhausted. She said "I'm going to take a year off. I think I stopped feeling creative a while ago and I'm just realizing it now".
The actress plans to use her time productively by spending time with Matilda, 3, and learning a new hobby. 'I want to humble myself. I like how really physical work can free your mind,' she added. Williams wants to star in a lighthearted project after her sabbatical. She said "When I work again, maybe it should be a comedy. I've always had a tendency for darker, more lifelike material. I think I had this sense that important things are heavier things. I don't know if that's true anymore."

Dhanush follows Super Star Style

Under the production of Vijaya Vauhini Dhanush’s movie after Yaaradi Nee Mohini is Padikathavan. Director Suraj is directing the movie with Tamanna opposite to Dhanush. Just like his father-in-law Rajinkanth Dhanush is next to choosing his own title for the movies that he acts in.

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