Kusalen Tidbits

It is about the friendship between a superstar actor and his friend who is a barber.

Rajini, Nayantara, Pasupathy, Meena, Vadivelu and so on.

* It is the re-make of Malayalam film ‘Kadha Parayumpol.’
* Rajini does the role of actor Ashokraj.
* Pasupathy does the role of Rajini’s friend Balan, who runs a saloon.
* Meena plays Sridevi, the wife of Balan.
* A song sequence of Rajini and Nayantara was shot in grand sets made to look like
the Great Pyramids.
* G V Prakash scores music for a Rajini film for the first time.
* The songs were recorded in London.
* The small role of Ashokraj in the Malayalam film has been expanded to suit Rajini.
* Seven Arts and Kavithalaya co-produce the film.

Hrithik's Clone Harman is nervous

Harman Baweja, who debuts in the much-hyped futuristic film 'Love Story 2050', admits that he's truly nervous about getting signed on by five top filmmakers even before his first film is out.

The newcomer is the only debutant to have got five big banner projects in his kitty, including films by established directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ashutosh Gowariker, Anees Bazmee and Manmohan Shetty. Harman is nervous and says there is already a lot of pressure to perform and live up to these ace directors' expectations. 'These are such great filmmakers. They've just seen my first film's rushes ... that is my baby step towards filmdom. Pressure increases manifold since it is happening even before my first release,' the actor told IANS on the sidelines of an event here.

Harman revealed little-known facets about his personality like his passion for dance and how he had learnt Kathak for over a year. 'I love dancing though I am not technically into it. Kamal Haasan's 'Tandav' inspired me to train in Kathak for a year and a half. Otherwise, all my childhood I've imitated Michael Jackson and Prabhu Deva,' Harman said. Averting comparisons between him and Hrithik Roshan, he said: 'He (Hrithik) is extremely senior and has been in the industry for 10 years and proved his mettle. It is sort of bringing him down by comparing with me.

'I am not actually competing with anyone. Acting is not a sport; it's creativity. I enjoy doing what I am doing and I'll continue doing it.' Asked about his on-screen chemistry with girlfriend Priyanka Chopra in 'Love Story 2050', Harman said: 'Priyanka is my senior and has worked far more than me. She got involved in the whole process as a team. She's a perfect co-star. The debutant says the film, which releases July 4, is very special for him as his whole family was involved in its making. 'Love Story 2050' is very personal and that's the USP of the film. It's not a home production; it's a production at home,' he quipped.

'My dad has directed the film, my mom's produced it while my sister is the senior assistant director, apart from me acting in it! He added: 'I have to do a lot of justice to the movie, my parents and Adlabs who've invested in it.'

Shahid Kapoor - Most Eligible Bachelor

There are others too but no one can beat Yuvraj Singh (in cricket world) and Shahid Kapoor (in Bollywood), both being front runners as far as the Most Eligible Bachelor (MEB) tag goes. While Yuvraj Singh considers himself too young to get married, Shahid Kapoor is enjoying his new found single status and appears to be loving the bachelor tag.

He goes red in the face denying all rumours with his KISMAT KONNECTION co-star, Vidya Balan and sticks to the ever famous, 'we are good friends' line. Moreover, he is very practical and does not believe in the bookish concept of a dream girl and claims that he had stopped believing in it since he was ten years old. So there is still hope for all those young fans of Shahid.

Though Shahid was always popular with the PYTs (pretty young things), a section of the media believes that the dignified manner in which Shahid conducted himself, after his break-up with Kareena, made his popularity soar. And of course the super success of JAB WE MET helped his cause too!

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