Is Superstar right

Is the Super Star’s luck starting his luck slide down?? Rajinikanth is caught under the criticism by Tamil Film Industry for his apology. Big stars such as Sthyaraj, Sarathkumar and Radha Ravi have reacted angrily at his apology statement. Sarath Kumar the Tamil Actors Associations Chief of Nadigar Sangam said “it is a very selfish act by Rajinikanth aimed at releasing his Kuselan in Karnataka. Mr Rajinikanth has let us all down. He must clarify his apology to the people of Tamilnadu, who have made him a super star today”. Bharathiraja however supported Rajinikanth “He has taken into consideration the welfare of the film’s producers and distributors.” Actor Sathyaraj argued “I wouldn’t appeal for an apology for I couldn’t see anything wrong in those statements, If I am in Rajinikanth’s position, I would happily compensate my producers and distributors from my own pocket rather than apologise to them. His ‘U’ turn is a disgrace not just to him but also to his fans.”

Sangeeta is shy

Sangeetha is known for her outspoken roles but she is a shy girl in nature. Currently she is acting in the movie Dhanam where she does a sex worker role. In a shooting spot she had to wear a sari in an alluring manner and she felt uncomfortable to act when there was many people watching her. Understand her situation director Kausalya Rani and producer Siva arranged a screen to block all the eyes looking at her. Sangeetha was very thankful from them.

Priyamani speaks out

Paruthiveeran’s queen Priyamani has recently hiked up her remuneration. For the question asked by reporters as to why all the sudden? She has questioned back “what is wrong in hiking my salary? Did you expect me to work for a fixed amount all through my career?” She also wanted to make it clear that she does not want to stick to a particular type of role. In the movie Paruthiveeran, she has acted as a village girl and after that so many offers that came her ways was a village girl act. Priyamani points out that “I have played a glamorous girl in the movie Malaikottai so I will be know as a well rounded actress. Her next project is with director Mani Ratnam and this will boost her career to a new heights.

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