Theatres changing into Marraige halls

In tamilnadu, many theatres have now changed into Marraige halls and Shopping malls and this trend continues till now. The reason for this change is due to the release of pirated VCD's and DVD's when a new film arrives. The distributors and theatre owners say that this brings a big loss for them as people watch movies in home itself when a new film hits the screen. They say around 40% of people don't turn up to the theatre as they watch movie in their home itself. Adding fuel to this fire is that the latest trend of downloading the movie from the net (Like torrents, forums etc). With advancement of technology, can these be stopped.

Is youngsters replacing Seniors

The trend has changed in Kollywood with youngsters have come up and you se a lot of film involving youngsters in front of the silverscreen. Is this trend leading to youngsters replacing Seniors in film freternity. An example of this trend is the creation and success of the movies like Saroja, Chennai28, Polladhavan, Sakkarakati, and so on which involves young artists alone. Will this make a benchmark in Indian Film Industry. Let's look for it.

Will Rajni rock in Robo

As the shooting for Robo started in US, the photographs of Robo shooting spot has been released with Rajni and Ash in glamorous outfit. These created hype for the movie. Will these sustain till the film is released. Will Superstar rock in Robo is the one to be watched for as his previous venture Kuselan bombed in box office although he did a guest role. lets wait till Diwali 2009 for the film release.

Rekha felicitated for her contribution to cine Industry

Yesteryear actress Rekha received an award for her contribution to Bollywood. Her rare public appearence sent the paparazzi into a tizzy. That underscored the fact that the popularity of the veteran star has not diminished a bit, even though she comes out to the public glare rarely these days. She glittered the packed gathering of producers and invitees who assembled at Time and Again convention centre at Lokhandwala in north-west Mumbai Friday for the 69th annual general meeting of Indian Motion Pictures' Producers Association.
Accepting the award, the actress said that though she had received scores of awards in her 40-year career in movies, including the National Award, she considered the IMPPA award the most prestigious award as it was being given to her by her own fraternity. 'I always held my producers in high esteem and so I consider the IMPPA award as the most esteemed one I have ever received,' remarked the veteran star. The producers' body honoured Rekha for her 'significant contributions to the film industry'.
IMPPA also similarly honoured director Madhu Bhandarkar and veteran producers Prakash Mehra and Surinder Kapoor (father of Anil Kapoor). Bhushan Kumar of T. Series was given the Producer of the Year award. Kumar's latest movie, 'Karzzz', is releasing next week. Director Bimal Roy, the maker of such memorable movies as 'Do Bigha Zameen', 'Madhumati' and 'Bandini', was honoured posthumously.

Sakkarakatti begins in style

Launch vehicle for two star children, 'Sakkarakkatti' is a movie without surprises. Kala Prabhu, son of south Indian movie mogul S. Thanu, has created a huge extravaganza painted appropriately on the big-screen canvas with a flourish by cinematographer Andrew. Despite a placid story, casual script and conspicuously absent zing in the tale's tail, the movie entertains. It is a boy-meets-girl-and-three-is-a-crowd love triangle between a city slicker Yuvraj (Shantanu, son of K. Bhagyaraj), Deepali (Ishita Sharma) and Reema (Vedhika) with an 'all is well that ends well' kind of climax. Obviously sure of Shantanu's doubtful prowess in the departments of melodramatic close-ups and hysterical histrionics, Prabhu has cleverly avoided those. Instead, he has supplanted them with college capers bound to trigger claps galore. Rahman's songs carry the film and are catchy

Is Sangeetha Married to Playback Singer Krish????

The news that rocked Kollywood is Sangeetha's marriage with Playback singer Krish secretly in Tirupathi. Actress Sangeetha and play back singer Krish were in love for a long time, but now they are married. Sangeetha made her debut with the movie Kabadi Kabai and then Pithamagaghan, Uyir and finally Dhanam. So why did they wait for so long because even though Sangeetha`s parents were in favour of the marriage Krish`s parents did not. They got married at the Tirupathi temple secretly. One reason why Krish`s parents did not agree to this marriage is might be because they both belong to different class. No one was invited to their wedding. But both Sangeetha and Krish has denied these news and said that these news were utterly rubbish.
Krish told that "I woke up to hear my dad asking me if I had married Sangeetha? I was shocked to hear that a leading Tamil daily has reported this. Sangeeta is my good friend like many others in the industry. The rumour must have been triggered when we went with our friends to Tirupati for attending actress Maheswari's wedding".
At the moment Krish is a craze among youngsters after June Ponal..(Unnale Unnale) Saghiye.. (Dhaam Dhoom) and is now rocking with Adiye Kolluthe…( Vaaranam Aayiram). But comman friends of both Krish and Sangeetha say that they are seeing each other, though marriage is still a long way off.

Fast and Easy Loans

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A new actor for Kollywood

Actress Piaa Bajpai is from a family who came from a long line of teachers and with a strong belief in culture. She says you can imagine the difficulties she as to face before coming to the stage where she is now. Piaa plays the leading role in the movie Poi Solla Porom.


One of the year's better thrillers, "Transsiberian" starts out as a very plausible and intelligent slow burn train-set melodrama which later morphs into a less effective but still serviceable snow-bound crime thriller.
It's a testament to the skills of director Brad Anderson that in a genre so familiar and plagued with predictability, this film pulls off several unexpected twists involving both the storyline and the nature of the characters themselves. It effectively uses our preconceived notions of not just people but roles in films like this against us, painting an ultimately murky moral world where no-one is a true saint or sinner.
Early scenes quickly setup our scenario - the seemingly naive American rube Roy (Woody Harrelson) and his notably smarter girlfriend Jessie (Emily Mortimer) head from Beijing to Moscow on the famed week-long Transsiberian train trip across the snowfields of China and Russia. Like a less glamorous version of the James Bond films of old, the film takes proper time to indulge in its setting - from talks with various passengers of differing backgrounds, to beauty shots of the icy wastelands, and dealing with what happens when problems arise in such remote locales.
This first hour is where the film excels as Anderson plays with us, well aware that the audience is thinking ahead and exploiting that to up the tension. A short scene set in Vladivostok at the beginning where Russian police come across a corpse make us realize something is going to happen, but we're not sure what. Our couple may be cute, but there's definite uneasy tension between the two. Fellow passengers drop grim portents about drug dealers being onboard and the fate of tangling with Russian police.
A second couple join our pair - a charming but shady Spaniard Carlos (Eduardo Noriega) and hardened American runaway Abby (Kate Mara). While many will quickly jump to preconceived notions about them, Anderson cleverly plays on that as well - in some way they are what we expect, which makes the ways they aren't that much more surprising. A scene thirty minutes in set in an icy train yard very clever shows how well Anderson has us under his control. It's very tense, yet nothing has really happened yet, and all these dark possibilities play out in our heads as things slowly start to unravel.
Mortimer does a solid job as our female lead - a bad girl turned good who's hit with many challenges that threaten to pull her back into her old lifestyle. While she doesn't pull off the shady past routine with true conviction, she's strong in a role that dares the audience to root for a character with some very human but somewhat despicable traits. Harrelson as the American simpleton comes off almost over-the-top, but that seems part of the point and he ultimately grounds his performance in his few out-of-character moments. Mara and Noriega lend solid support and brooding stares.
There's a few points where the characters make admittedly stupid decisions like many of these movie characters do, but for most of the action everyone is treated with attentive realism - even if it's only Jessie who feels fully fleshed out as a character. That gritty and convincing tone makes the big shock near the hour mark hit with full force and steers the film into territory we certainly didn't expect.
After that it sadly becomes a less engaging picture as the slow but intriguing setup gives way to more predictable thrills. Ben Kingsley shows up in a fun dark role as an old school narcotics inspector with practical real-world views on how Russian life and the corruption he deals with has changed since the fall of the Soviet Union. It's interesting work, but feels somewhat blunt and ultimately only serves as a prelude to snow chases, crashing train cars and even an icky torture scene.
A clever end which leaves things deliberately somewhat murky bolsters things up, but that half hour sag preceding it stop this from becoming a great work. Yet it certainly doesn't ruin the taste of an otherwise extremely good potboiler with plenty of rewards for those who like taking their time, and is more concerned with things like atmosphere and genuine suspense over big-scale action and breakneck pacing. This is a slow, deliberate and carefully thought out piece for adults who like to savour rather than devour their thrills.

"Mirror" : A Review

If mirrors reflect the grotesqueries of the soul, then director Alexandre Aja is enduring a dark night indeed. A grisly and blood-soaked horror thriller, "Mirrors" relies on unnecessary gore and visceral repugnance over genuine scares or credible atmosphere.
The horror genre of late has been dominated by two heinous trends - PG-13 remakes of supernatural Asian movies ("The Grudge" series, "One Missed Call") and gory R-rated 'torture porn' which equates bloody make-up and human suffering with fear ("Saw" series, any Rob Zombie movie). Aja, the man behind the commendable but misguided "Haute Tension" and "The Hills Have Eyes" remake, tries to combine them both with the result only making both style's shortcomings even more apparent.Aja's previous works demonstrated notable potential despite parading his vividly unpleasant appetites. Visually striking, the French auteur has more ability than any of the other 'splat pack' members like Eli Roth or Rob Zombie to crossover into stronger and more serious fare. Yet "Mirrors" demonstrates that those morbid undercurrents of his nature remain a dominant force driving his hand, resulting in a production steered with notably less care than his earlier work.
Based on the barely seen South Korean thriller "Into the Mirror", the story follows all the trademark "Grudge"-style elements. There's a haunted building, in this case the rotting hulk of a burned down department store; a needlessly convoluted back story of events decades before that our lead must go about investigating; a stupid last few minutes twist that basically cheats the audience; and of course a body count made up of people that he knows, though none have any connection to the supernatural events - thus their targeting by vengeful spirits strikes more as convenient than logical.Project steers into sanguinary overkill as the corpses pile up.
No albino pharyngeal Asian child contortionists on offer here, instead the ghosts are the supporting cast's own reflections whose personal flagellations are mimicked on their flesh and bone counterparts with voodoo-like efficiency. The results are a bit of self-immolation, at least one jugular evisceration, and the focal set piece in which a naked woman in a bathtub graphically separates her lower jaw from her face with predictable consequences.
Kiefer Sutherland portrays a somewhat less noble and bipolar variation of his "24" character as the former cop and sobered up alcoholic trying to get his life sorted out. Taking on the unenviable job of nightwatchman at this macabre Macys for the not so dearly departed, big portions of the film involve a flashlight-wielding Sutherland unconvincingly reacting to reflections and audible hallucinations before he goes beyond the 'Romania redressed as New York' sound stages and into location filming for some pedestrian legwork.
As the asinine story of a formerly possessed girl unfolds, and everyone predictably thinks our lead is losing his sanity, narrative transfers over to his former wife (Paula Patton) and her 'minimally exceptional' two kids. Patton, like Sutherland and fellow co-stars Amy Smart and Mary Beth Peil, has ably demonstrated much better work which makes her unsupported struggle with the labored dialogue and unconvincing character more of a chore than had it been with a less adept cast.
Production values are notably paltry, Aja's eye-catching tapestry has been thinned by Maxime Alexandre's humdrum camera work and the obviously cobbled together production design. Armed with a larger budget than ever before, Aja's dynamics and ability to exploit even simple environments to suspenseful effect seems unable to mesh with the more stage-bound interactions of his various characters. An ultimately uninteresting work that serves as a potential low point for one of the more promising genre filmmakers in recent times.

Roman Novel 'I, Claudius" to be made as a film

Relativity Media has acquired rights for a film adaptation of Robert Graves' classic Roman Empire-set novel "I, Claudius". Acclaimed filmmaker Jim Sheridan will direct and co-write the script with longtime collaborator Nye Heron.
Graves' 1934 novel recounts the internecine plots and counterplots surrounding Claudius, the fourth emperor of Rome who ruled from 41-54 A.D and is considered one of the best novels of the 20th century.The stuttering and handicapped Claudius, born into a murderous, imperial family, used his cunning mind and rivals' misjudgment of his disability to not only survive but eventually become one of Rome's greatest emperors.
The story runs through Claudius' life and the various emperors who reigned before him including Augustus, Tiberius, and the mad Caligula. It ends with Claudius' death and his succession by Nero. Although previously adapted onto film in 1937, it remains best known via the 1976 BBC ten-episode miniseries adaptation.That project had a stellar cast that included Derek Jacobi, John Hurt, Brian Blessed, Patrick Stewart, Sian Phillips, John Rhys-Davies, Bernard Hill and Kevin McNally. Along with stellar reviews and many awards, it drew controversy for its dark elements such as the scene where Caligula (John Hurt) off-screen cuts out and ingests the fetus of the sister he impregnated.No production date has been set for the new film version.

A Review on the movie "Babylon A.D."

A disheveled and incoherent jumble, "Babylon A.D." sadly loses the few bits of intriguing groundwork it lays amidst a cacophony of mangled editing, lethargic performances, and an utterly unfocused and often contradictory narrative.

One could easily dismiss it for using a dystopian story that's been done many a time before by films slightly worse ("Ultraviolet") and immensely better ("Children of Men"). However, French director Mathieu Kassovitz at least has proven himself an interesting helmer in the past which gives 'Babylon' some strong workman-like visuals. Added to this are moments exploring the issues of overpopulation, the erosion of borders in the former Soviet states, the zealotry of modern religion, and plain old corporate fascism.

Unfortunately these intriguing slivers are probably the only thing from the acclaimed novel "Babylon Babies" that has survived the translation to the big screen with any clarity. The main thrust is anything but straightforward as the story, best described as an Orwellian-take on "The Transporter", mutates into a barely understandable mish-mash of sci-fi shenanigans, inconsolable revelations and repetitive gun battles that make little to no sense.

Characters seemingly die only to come back to life, a revelation about virgin birth comes straight out of nowhere and yields an utterly laughable ending, there's some sidetrips dealing with the idea of clones with artificial intelligence, and some throwaway spiritual nonsense about death and rebirth. Ultimately any message it is trying to say is lost amidst the all too somber, self-serious tones and painful dialogue.

Kassovitz showed great promise with some of his earlier features like "La Haine" and "The Crimson Rivers", he even managed to give schlock Halle Berry horror vehicle "Gothika" a quite interesting edge. Yet this, the most expensive and ambitious production he's mounted yet, is far less cohesive or atmospheric. There's some noble but implausible attempts to give the story a sense of reality, time that should've been spent shoring up the one-note characters.

Vin Diesel is usually a reliable enough action hero even in bad material, but here he doesn't seem particularly enthused or convincing in the role of a monotone reluctant antihero who finds redemption. Melanie Thierry and Michelle Yeoh are stuck with very little to do, the former seemingly trying to recreate Milla Jovovich's more more energetic "Fifth Element" work while the later at least gives one role in the film some conviction. Short work by Lambert Wilson and Gerard Depardieu in useless prosthetics are a wash, though Charlotte Rampling as a corrupt female religious leader has fun with her scant few scenes.

Too many cuts and close-ups make the well-conceived but poorly executed and generally perfunctory action scenes come off a disappointment. Some scenes still work such as a bombing at a train station and some parkour in a Vladivostok nightclub. Similarly effective are two sequences involving scrambling survivors climbing a Russian submarine, and later a snowmobile chase across the frozen Bering Strait.

All are ambitious in their ideals but come off as ultimately useless to a story that is in desperate need of some TLC in other areas.In the week prior to its release, Kassovitz famously came out against his own movie and Fox's treatment of it - cutting 10-15 minutes out for its American release. It's hard to say how much of an impact those cuts have had, they're certainly felt but one gets the distinct impression that even ten minutes of brilliant work can not save this movie. Noble intentions aside, Kassovitz delivers some solid moments that survive both this failed adaptation and Fox's further harsh mutilations. They're just not organised or lucid enough to crawl out from under the wasted excess of dreary cliches that sink this like a stone.

A Review on The Movie "Bangkok Dangerous"

Considering how the once exotic South-East Asian city has been gentrified and militarized in recent years, underage transsexual hookers lifting the wallets from inebriated Western tourists is about as adventurous as it gets in the modern Thai capital.
Of course rent boys with too much mascara who can peel a grapefruit using only their anus is something that is hard to classify as a business expense, thus leave it to Nicolas Cage to disguise his Indo-Chinese sojourn as an unjustified remake that looks good on the books at tax time. Enlisting the help of the respectable Pang brothers to reimagine their own commendable 1999 local effort of the same name, the new 'Dangerous' does what most Hollywood studio remakes of foreign fare do - drains the life, edge and energy out of the original to appeal to both its main star and that multiplex audience out in the suburbs who classify sashwan beef as an exotic good.
Cage plays a burned out assassin, one of those jobs that people are either trying to get out of or break into in these kinds of movies. Armed with his own code for survival, a questionable taste in shirts and a mane of hair only a libidinous howler monkey could love, the contract killer knocks off a duo in Prague before heading to Thailand for one last series of jobs before retirement.
Setup allows for gratuitous location shooting around the titular city throughout with much location filming highlighting its colorful and often wildly incongruous nature. Yet all of the locales, from the urine-soaked back alleys to the high-class waterfront restaurants, seem tourist board-approved. Either the effect of recent urban renewal, or a more cautious approach on the Pangs part to not advertise the darker and less savory aspects of the city, rob the remake of the authenticity that made the original live up to its title. Strolling from one scene to the next, the normally over-reactionary Cage takes the opposite tack here.
The resulting apathy actually suits the character better, but short of sparse voiceover delivering familiar hitman life mantras, we get no real insight as to what lies underneath his hardened shell. This makes the sudden and unjustified disintegration of his emotional fencing in the second half, timed with the action which changes from controlled and mildly suspenseful one-off kills to rampant and over-acrobatic gunplay massacres, feel more contrived and ridiculous than it already is.
Thankfully what little grounding there is here comes from the local actors, most notably Shahkrit Yamnarm who delivers a solid turn as Cage's local lackey Kong. Neither slavishly obedient or obnoxiously dismissive, the actor plays the role of the reluctant at first but understandably swayed helper into a far more sympathetic role than it has every right to be (and oddly enough adds an interesting undercurrent of underlying homosexual tension with Cage).
Hong Kong singer Charlie Young also impresses. Stuck in the thankless role of the young deaf female pharmacist who doesn't speak English, she of course finds the clumsy Westerner's ignorance endearing enough to fall for him - fulfilling that white male sexualization of Oriental women fantasy that remains alive and well. Thankfully, Young radiates a sweet genuine charm to make her cloying schmaltzy scenes with Cage bearable. Also, with its focus on the gun fighting, the Pangs seem to have left the inevitable but somewhat awkward love scene between the hearing-impaired Thai lass and the comb-impaired American thug on the cutting room floor - along with a proper resolution for her character.
There's a few good bits of action, most notably the floating market scene and a political assassination with Thai police in pursuit of our hero. The locations are never dull, even the surprisingly tame nightclubs demonstrate taste by playing cheesy pop melodies rather than the tinnitus-inducing bass throbbing that's made modern Western clubbing a repugnant exercise. Even a few of the action scenes highlight some ambitious camera and lighting work for a film of this smaller scale.
Yet they can't overcome the inherent silliness of the bare bones and mildly offensive characters, the familiarity of the plot, the 180-degree mid-point turnabout that completely derails whatever building suspense and interest we had in the story, and the lack of sheer balls and grit that made the original such strong and edgy fare. Neutered, but pretty, and lacking any real development, this is the cinematic equivalent of a eunuch whose voice unfortunately broke pre-castration.

Hollywood News Update

"Capcom today confirmed that Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, the forthcoming feature film adaptation based on its acclaimed fighting series, will see a release in February 2009..."
"Shooting on Alexandre Aja's "Piranha 3-D" has been pushed back from this Fall to March/April of 2009, the reason being the size of the project and the prep work needed to execute Aja's 3-D visuals. It's July 24th release date is now highly unlikely..."
"Kevin Smith has called his new sci-fi project a "space comedy" rather than a "sci-fi superhero movie" as previously reported, and that it is NOT the "Ranger Danger" project he has previously mentioned..."
"Esteemed Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert has been attacked by fellow critic New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick at a screening..."
"Jason Isaacs confirms that despite his character of Lucius Malfoy not appearing in the 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' novel, he was on the film's set for one day of shooting to portray one of the moving paintings..."
"FOX will premiere an extended scene from "The Day The Earth Stood Still" followed by a preview of the two-hour TV movie "24: Redemption" just before the encore screening of the series premiere of "Fringe" this Sunday at 8pm EST."Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas' legendary visual effects shop, is jumping into the feature animation business for the first time with Paramount's "Rango"..."

Will Vijay act in Prakash Raj's House

One of the best actors, Prakash Raj, wants to produce a movie with Vijay. Prakash Raj owns a production house called Duet Films which has produced many successful movies. With his acting skills, Prakash Raj is currently involved in many projects and the movie Kanjeevaram was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. We expect Vijay to start the project with Prakash Raj after his movie Villu.

Blaze Media Pro

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Goldberg waits for the scripts of "Wonder Women" to come in

Producer Leonard Goldberg ("Charlie's Angels"), who's working on the "Wonder Woman" film alongside Joel Silver, says that "We're waiting for the script to come in."
Goldberg seems reluctant for filmmakers to approach the property with their own ideas after the Joss Whedon debacle - "We've tried that route. We've had a writer-director work on it. But I'm old school. When we have a script to present to directors, we'll sit down with them and see who has a take that blows us away."
What about Silver's regular collaborators the Wachowski's? "At one time, Joel [Silver] said they might have an idea. But they got diverted to another project [and] never followed through. There may come a time when they will be focused on 'Wonder Woman' and may come up with whatever their take on it was. They're certainly very talented guys. Their vision for movies -- whether they're successful or not -- is always singular."
Silver purchased a rival WW2-centered "Wonder Woman" script by Matthew Jennison and Matt Strickland a while back and while not using that script, got the pair to work on a new one for him. They're currently on the second draft using notes from Silver and Goldberg.
Goldberg says "I hope that we don't finally wind up doing the same story again: Steve Trevor flying, and his plane crashes onto the island [of Themyscira, Wonder Woman's matriarchal homeland]. He's supposed to be executed, and she saves his life. Perhaps we'll do that in a very abbreviated fashion up front, and then come up with a story that no one has seen yet."
No casting talk is underway yet but Goldber would like to go with an unknown - "People are not, in my opinion, going to come [to the theater] for the actress. They're going to come for Wonder Woman."

Playstation 3

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Michelle takes a break from Hollywood

Hollywood actress Michelle Williams is taking a year off from acting, so she can properly grieve over the loss of ex-fiance Heath Ledger and dedicate her time to their daughter Matilda. Williams took a brief break after Ledger's death January from an accidental drug overdose, reports She admits combining a busy work schedule with being a full-time mom has left her mentally exhausted. She said "I'm going to take a year off. I think I stopped feeling creative a while ago and I'm just realizing it now".
The actress plans to use her time productively by spending time with Matilda, 3, and learning a new hobby. 'I want to humble myself. I like how really physical work can free your mind,' she added. Williams wants to star in a lighthearted project after her sabbatical. She said "When I work again, maybe it should be a comedy. I've always had a tendency for darker, more lifelike material. I think I had this sense that important things are heavier things. I don't know if that's true anymore."

Dhanush follows Super Star Style

Under the production of Vijaya Vauhini Dhanush’s movie after Yaaradi Nee Mohini is Padikathavan. Director Suraj is directing the movie with Tamanna opposite to Dhanush. Just like his father-in-law Rajinkanth Dhanush is next to choosing his own title for the movies that he acts in.

Guidance for Team Sports

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Nayan demands more

It is know that actress Nayantara has hiked her fee after her movie Billa and Yaradi Nee Mohani`s success. Therefore the movie Aegan with Ajith and Vijay`s Villu she demanded one crore. Director Lingusamy has roped Nayantara with Karthi for his next movie and they offered her Rs. 1.10 crores while her demand was Rs. 1.25 creores. Unfortunatly for Nayantara since the movie Kuselan and Satyam did not do well at the box office and the producers take that as a reason to ask her to lessen her pay.

Vidya Balan

Vidya balan casually radiant, without any artifice, totally engaing is the new star in the Bollywood skies. Vidya who is from Kerala’s Iyer middle class family , born in Kerala was brought up in Mumbai. She did her schooling from St Antony's School and graduated in Sociology from St Xavier's College .While doing her MA from Mumbai University she was offered a role oppsite Mohanlal in a Malayalam film but this film was shelved mid-way. She made her debut as a model in a Surf Excel advertisement in 1998. She has acted in over 25 ad films, most of which were directed by Pradeep Sarkar. She featured in three music videos for ‘Euphoria’, Shubha Mudgal and Pankaj Udhas. Vidya also acted in Ashok Pandit’s TV serial Hanste Khelte and Ektaa Kapoor's Hum Paanch.

In the meantime, she acted in Bengali movie Bhaalo Theko for which she even won the ‘Best Actress’ Anand Lok Puraskar in Kolkata . Vidya had to go through 40 screen tests and 17 make-up shoots before she was finally chosen for the lead role in the film ‘Parineeta’. In this movie she portrayed a simple sari clad woman . She won the hearts of millions in her debut film through her talent and beauty. Even superstar Amitabh Bachchan found her absolutely marvelous and wonderfully natural in the movie. Her latest movie ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ is breaking all the records. In this movie she plays a hip radio jockey , which is quite a trasition for her from her sari clad act in Parineeta.

Her talent has fetched her a lot of awards for her debut film ‘Parineeta’. She was awarded with Star Screen Award Most Promising Newcomer , Stardust Superstar of Tomorrow , Filmfare Best Debut Award, Zee Cine Award Best Female Debut, International Indian Film Academy Awards: Best Female Debut for Parineeta. Having won almost all the best debutant awards for “Parineeta”, Vidya got great offers in the form of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s “Eklavya”, Nikhil Advani’s “Salaame Ishq”, Mani Ratnam’s “Guru”. She has clinched the enviable title of being commercially successful and critically acclaimed. Lady luck is surely on her side since the kind of meaty rolesshe is getting ,female actors have to wait for decades before they can even remotely claim to be both, she sure has lady luck on her side.

Vidya is a hot property in Bollywood. Vidya Balan is one of those rare actresses who haven’t been corrupted by her success. She still enjoys reading books and chilling with friends and family rather than being a filmy type.

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My cancer was misdiagnosed: Jade Goody

British reality show star Jade Goody has said doctors initially gave her an all clear, and sent her away with just pain killers for period pain. She was informed about her cancer diagnosis while in the Indian reality show 'Big Brother' last month. 'I made a conscious effort to tell them that I was going away for a long period of time and they (the doctors) would not be able to get in touch with me, and asked them would that be ok. They said I was fine, fit and healthy,' Jade told British channel GMTV in a live conversation Monday. She later received the news in the Diary Room of the reality show that she had cancer and it had spread and now claims that she was not aware that the conversation was being filmed. 'I did not know it was being filmed. The producers wanted me to go out and tell everybody. I was like, 'I can't do that, I need my family and friends to know before I just randomly say it on television.'

Ajith to don the remake of Hindi movie 'Race'

Ajith, who has resurrected his career with movies like Varalaru, Billa is known as a man of few words. According to Jayaram, who was quoted by a website as saying, "If people say he isn't interactive on the sets, it means they haven't understood him well. His smile isn't plastic, his words aren't untrue. If he says it, he clearly means it." Jayaram is co-starring with Ajith in Aegan as the principal of a college that Ajith goes to as an undercover agent. Now, Ajith whos built a reputation of giving his very own cool stamp to any remake has zeroed in on the script of the super duper hit Hindi film Race. Set against the backdrop of beautiful South Africa, the original Race had all the elements of betrayal, intrigue, greed, and revenge. It seems that Ajith was approached by Ashok Amritraj, producer of Shankars film Jeans. Having been attracted by the movies potential, Ajith has agreed to the project, say insiders. Ajith's next slick flick, Aegan, is again a remake of Main Hoon Naa, which starred Shahrukh Khan, Sushmita Sen and Suniel Shetty, itself a super hit. Aegan is currently on location at Ennore, near Chennai.

Ajith's goodness shows his quality

Ajith’s next venture is for Gautham Menon, it has now been announced officially. This film will be produced by Sivaji Films and will commence in October, said Prabhu. In all probability, Sameera Reddy could be roped in to play the female lead. In the meantime, Ajith had an offer that no actor would have refused. But being the perfectionist that he is, Ajith is said to have turned it down. It was to star in the remake of one of the most critically acclaimed movie of the year – Taare Zameen Par. Aamir Khan is said to have pointed his finger towards Ajith when production house Moser Baer informed him that they would like to remake it in Tamil. But Ajith politely turned it down, stating that Aamir had lived the character whereas he could only act; consequently, the essence of the film would be lost. Initially, director-turned-actor Cheran was to have directed this film, but with Ajith’s refusal, Cheran has decided to don the grease paint himself.

Gautam Cautious

Ajith is gearing up for his next project with Gautham Menon. Aegan, which is in the making, is expected to be released for Diwali. The buzz is that Ajith has been signed up for a film that is to be produced by Sivaji Films. This film is expected to go on the floors in December and Gautham is already engrossed in the venture. According to the director, he has plans to show Ajith more stylishly than Billa. In fact the director is working on Ajith's looks and hairstyle by creating various styles in the computer. Looks like the director is keen on Ajith's personality rather than direction.

Ayan in Jothy Theatre

Last night (27th), a very interesting scene from K.V. Anand’s upcoming film, Ayan was shot. Ayan stars Surya and Tamanna in the lead. The crew shot this scene around a movie theatre in Chennai – an old cinema hall called Jyothi in St. Thomas Mount. Because of this, the theatre cancelled its late night show. But the crowds got to see an actual show outside the theatre! The scene that was shot was this: Surya and Prabhu come to the theatre, find a large cut out poster of Rajini there, and carry the cut out away!

Priyamani Opens out

National Award winner actress Priyamani has clearified that when she said “I have never said anything like that to anybody at anytime” She says she was carful not to be characterized as an actress who does rustic roles. Because of this she accepts glamour roles but this don’t mean she will only do glamour roles. Priyamani wants to be a well rounded person when it comes to acting. She acts in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalm films.

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