Dasavatharam at the end of 3rd week - Collections

Dasavatharam has grossed US $14,683,762 at the end of the third week after it hit the silver screens worldwide. However, the amount does not include the collections made in North America and from certain parts of India. After learning more about the Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory weaved into the storyline, the audience seemed to have understood Dasavatharam better. In fact, people have been thronging the theatres to watch the film yet again after learning about these theories. It is inferred that if the present trend continues, Dasavatharam could easily be on its way to becoming one of the highest grossing South Indian movies around the globe. In Chennai city alone (not including the suburbs) it has grossed about Rs. 6.5 crores. With the collection details for the fourth week expected soon, the trade analysts have estimated the world wide collections to go beyond Rs. 100 crores in less than three weeks time!

Satyam movie gets Vishal locking Lips with Nayan

Shunning rumors and keeping rumormongers at bay, Vishal and Nayan seems to have indeed locked their lips for Satyam. While Vishal and Nayan strongly refuted this earlier, the recently released promo pictures of the movie show the couple in an intimate manner locking lips. However, it remains to be seen whether these pictures were shot only for the promos or as a part of a movie. For that, of course, we will have to wait until the movie is released.

Pamela Anderson downs all rumours about her

Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson has laughed off rumours that she has rekindled her relationship with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and that she's undergone breast reduction. The 41-year-old, who has two sons Lee, insisted that though the two are still friends, they are certainly not together. "I am spending a lot of time with him this summer and he's on tour actually. We enjoy spending time together," the Daily Telegraph quoted her, as saying. "It's just one of those things. He is the father of your kids and you can't get rid of them!" she joked. As for her famous twin assets, well Pammie is quick to slam rumours that she's undergone breast reduction as well. "God no! They are still there, she said looking down, sticking out her chest and showing them off. I am almost done with them - just joking!" The former Playboy bunny will make an appearance on Australian reality show Big Brother before she visits a KFC outlet the following day to protest against how the fast food giant treats its chickens.

Shriya in a new costume

New buzz about Shreya, the hot actress from India after Nayanthara, who is currently acting with actor Emraan Hashmi in Hindi have agreed to go with bikini with one French kissing scene. She said "I'm hot only on-screen, but traditional off-screen” to a media person. She did not conform or deny the news

Kuselan to release on August 1st

Due to the post production work Pyramid Saimira the distributors of the movie Kuselan has postponed the release date to August 1st. This movie which will hit the theatres worldwide was going to be released on July the 25th.It will release in Tamil and Telugu which features Rajinikanth in 20 different costumes.

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