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Nanban Review

Nanban: Most awaited film of 2012. Looks to be a positive sign for Vijay fans. Different looks and body language. A good change for Vijay and also for Srikanth. Good Roles, neatly characterized and all characters shows their presence. Although it doesn't have the same class as 3 Idiots, it is good watch for Tamil Audience. Has all the taste for success.

STR wants to become famous like Dhanush

Dhanush is taken to greatest of all heights because of his Kolaveri Magic. In fact he has got a feat which even people like Rajni (Father in law), Kamal, Amitabh and even Sachin has not achieved. THis unidentified guy (other than Tamilnadu) was even invited by PM to attend a dinner party with Japan PM at New Delhi.

Looking into this STR who is considered as Rival to Dhanush is trying to reach the same height. Infact he is now singing for an album Love Anthem in 96 languages and also plans to have a joint venture with AXON. Although his effort is reaching a good level, it is not able to the level reached by Kolaveri. But one good thing is that Tamilnadu is being looked into by other states in India and some times in Pakistan too. Good to know that.

Sunny Leone the most searched actress in India

Until Two months ago a very few Indian people know about Sunny. After her entry into Big Boss, she became the most searched person the net. Mainly because of the hype over her pornstar image provided by the media.

Now Sunny is once again creating waves on 'Jay Hind!', world's first full format online TV show. Sunny has been lampooned in Undercover Productions Ltd.'s entertaining late night stand up comedy show. The humorous take on Sunny's sex appeal and weighty assets on Jay Hind!'s special episode titled 'Sunny Days' recorded mind boggling viewership of over 2 lakh. The show by itself has recorded a total of over 11 crore views, averaging a 1 lakh and a half views a day.

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