Prithvi joins the rumours

We all know that there is the cop story Sathyam with Vishal and Nayanthara in the lead in the verge of completion. But don't be surprised if you stumbled upon another Sathyam with Prithviraj and Priya Mani in the lead released in theatres this weekend. This Vinayan directed Malayalam film, released years ago, is now dubbed and released in Tamil in an effort to cash

Sathya in on the popularity Prithviraj and Priya Mani enjoy in Tamil cinema. Interestingly, this Sathyam, again a cop story, was received with reasonable reviews from the critics and met with decent response at the box-office in the year 2004. Prithviraj plays the stiff police officer Sanjeev Kumar while Priya Mani plays his love interest who, incidentally, is a news presenter.

Well, we just heard from an inside birdie that Vishal and Nayan play a cop and a news presenter respectively too. Great minds think alike

Vedhika opens

From Muni to Kaalai to Malaikottai, Vedhika has come up a long way. And in most of her films she was portrayed as a simpleton, a comedienne of sort. While many actresses could have been apprehensive about accepting stereotypic roles Vedhika seems to have no qualms over it. Justifying her stance in accepting the roles, she

Vedhika said that each role is different from the other. While in Muni it was a sort of a naive character, in Kaalai it was lovable role.

She also pointed out that in her current venture Sakkarakatti with Santanu, she plays a romantic heroine. Vedhika has already another offer from director Bhoopathy Pandian for the film titled Naanum En Sandhyavum. This film will, incidentally, be the launchpad for the director’s sibling Arjun Prabhu. It is also worthwhile to note that Bhoopathy Pandian is famous for directing comedy flicks. So, do we get to see Vedhika in yet another comedy role

Ajith back to normal

Ajith is no longer the beard-bearing angry young man made popular by the promo stills of his latest venture Aegan. Having filmed scenes that required his rugged look, Ajith is back to his own self, as reported by us earlier. He was also spotted clean shaven devoid any facial hair in AVM Studios for Aegan's shoots recently where song sequences with him and

Nayan were canned. The song, interestingly, uses a cat's mew in the background. Navdeep, who was recently roped in for the venture will play Ajith's brother. Hunt was on for his lead lady and last heard the director has nodded consent for the Mumbai model Priya.

Directed by Raju Sundaram, Aegan's star cast also includes Suhasini, Nassar, and Jayaram. Scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja and produced by Ayngaran International, Aegan is expected to hit the screens on August 15, Indian Independence Day.

Shankar's Next projects

While director Shankar is busy with the groundwork of the mammoth sci-fi adventure Robot, producer Shankar has recently sealed the deal for two subsequent production ventures. With the Simbudevan directed Arai En 305il Kadavul releasing this month amidst expectations, Shankar and his S pictures are gearing up for next projects.

Titled Rettaishuzhi, one of the movies will be directed by Thamira, who wrote dialogues for the Balachander directed Poi. Rettaishuzhi reportedly focuses on the children movie genre. Eeram is directed by Shankar's assistant Arivazhagan and will star Aadhi and Nanda in the lead. Sindhu Menon, who was also seen in Kadal Pookkal and Samuthiram, will play the female lead.

I should be known for acting

Trisha is happy receiving awards in Telugu. The only eager that is upsetting her heart is that no Tamil cinema is getting her any award or appreciation but media here is labeling her as glamour doll.

She is expecting a lot from Abiyum Naanum, in which she herself claims that she has shown up all her talents (Don't mistook immediately, she is talking only about her acting talents). She feels this movie will get her several awards and make people identify her as these years Revathi or Urvasi.

A new challenge to Lollu King

Sathyaraj, who used to project himself as atheist was came under attack by Hindu fundamentalist Ramagopalan.

Sathyaraj was speaking a lot about for the cause of Tamils, and used to praise Lord Murugan, while speaking in public meeting. At they same time he used to speak abuse about other Hindu gods.

Upset over the speeches of Sathyaraj, Ramagopalan has challenged that if Sathyaraj has so much affection over Tamils and their cause, let him promise that he will act and dance only with Tamil girls and say no to north indian females. Will Sathyaraj accept the challenge?, let us wait and watch!

Bhoomika Back

Post her wedding with yoga guru Bharat Thakur, Bhoomika was on a five-month break, which she ended by starting to shoot for Malle Poovu, directed by Samudra. “For the first three hours on the sets, I was unsettled. I looked into the mirror and asked myself what I was doing here. Coming back from a vacation, I find myself waiting for the last day of the shoot so that I can go on another holiday,” she laughs, sipping a hot cup of chai at her residence later that evening.

The unmistakeable after-wedding glow lingers on even as she talks about her recent releases –– Anasuya and Swagatham. “I signed these films around the same time. It was a conscious decision to do a strong role (Anasuya) on one side and an entertainer (Swagatham) on the other to avoid getting slotted into the so-called woman-centric films,” she says. Bhoomika hates films being branded as women-centric. “When a film is based on the hero, no one says it’s a male-centric film. We can do without stereotyped classification.”

Basking in the critical acclaim she’s received for Anasuya, she recalls being sceptical about the project. “My blind faith took me forward.” The task was easier, she says, since Ravi Babu was meticulous. “He was sure of what he wanted. He’d tell me if a crime reporter would be brisk or chilled out in a given situation and how his/her feet would move.”

She will again be doing a balancing act with Malle Poovu and an untitled thriller with Srikanth. “Both these films will also release around the same time. Again I’ll have one offbeat film and a mainstream entertainer,” she says. There’s also a thriller directed by E. Niwas in the pipeline. Called 90 minutes, the story unfolds in 90 minutes “There are different ways in which I select my films,” she explains. “I am instinctive. If I don’t want to do a film I find better ways to say it. I can get into a bad mess in my head if I accept something I’m not convinced about. I’d accept a film that has a reasonable script if it’s backed by a good director. Thirdly, if the team is good and the film is unusual, I don’t mind doing a shorter role.” A case in point for the last instance is Gandhi My Father. “Films like these don’t get made every year,” she says.

Reflecting on her career, she says, “I’ve done 30 films and I’m happy. A lot of people told me I could have made it really big after Tere Naam. I can’t run too hard to stay in the race.” Prod her if she shied away from the rat race in Bollywood since it demands a high glamour quotient and she agrees. “How long can you live from one Friday to another worrying about what clothes to wear or take off? It isn’t like I resigned to doing less work. Mujhe zyaada kaam karna hi nahi hai. Even when I am shooting, I think of playing a game on playstation.”

Marriage, she says, hasn’t changed things. “People have been kind to me. I think directors don’t want to lose good talent.” At home, though, she’s enjoying her new role. “Looking back, it’s funny. When I joined Bharat’s yoga classes, it took me a month to break the ice and speak to him. My only intention was to learn yoga,” she laughs.

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