Love Story 2050 loses to Jaane tu ya Jaane Na

Aamir Khan's 'Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na' has worked wonders at the box-office by registering 100 percent collections in the six days after its release Friday. This is not surprising, because even before the release, the excitement generated by 'Jaane Tu...' - the debut film of Aamir's nephew Imran - was phenomenal and bookings began five days before the release. It is a feat no movie so far released this year - not even the previous hit 'Race' - could accomplish at the box-office.

Generally, the box-office collections of an average-runner tend to drop after Monday, but the collections of 'Jaane Tu...' have remained steady. The exact up-to-date revenue from domestic and overseas markets is not available as yet. But judging from the box-office trend, it is roughly estimated that 'Jaane Tu...' has crossed Rs.300 million mark by Wednesday. Jaane Tu...' is written and directed by Abbas Tyrewala. Aamir, who has co-produced it with his cousin Mansoor and PVR cinemas, invested Rs.300 million in the puppy love story. As against the spectacular box-office performance of 'Jaane Tu...,' the Harman Baweja-Priyanka Chopra starrer 'Love Story 2050' has fared miserably and its collections have already started to plummet.

According to trade reports, 'Love Story 2050' could generate barely 30 to 40 percent collections in the opening week. Till Monday, 'Love Story 2050' has collected only Rs.110 million from all-India box-office from 722 prints - more than double that of 'Jaane Tu...'

'Love Story 2050' seems to be a loser, considering the fact that it was made on a budget of Rs.500 million and also sold to the distributors at a higher price. But the revenue it has garnered at the box-office has remained below the mark and there is little chance of this going upward in next few days. 'Jaane Tu...' success can be attributed to Aamir's marketing plans. Instead of spending millions on production, he spent freely on promoting the movie. And he has been rewarded handsomely for taking the right decision. He is now laughing all the way to the bank.

Priyamani with Ash-Abhi

Priyamani with National award her popularity as a celebrity is increasing dramatically. She has now signed a deal with the movie Arumugham where she will be acting with Bharath. Currently she is working with Prithviraj in the movie Ninaithaale Inikkum, which is a remake of a Malayalam movie Classmates. In Maniratnam’s next movie Priyamani will be working with Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan as her co-artists.

Temple for Actress Namitha

A temple has been built for actress Namitha in Nellai district. After Khjushboo, Namitha is the only actress that has asked to build temple for. She said I was surprised when I head they were going to built a temple for me; in fact I told everyone at home that they would one day. Namitha’s fan club President said Namitha Madam did not support this kind of activities or did not support financially. “She told us to donate the money to a charity. But we just want to show our love”.

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