Vikram Expects a Break with Kandasamy

Vikram seems to be depending on Kanthasamy for good commercial success.

Every actors' value depends on the money generated by their latest movie. For quite a long time Vikram seems to be doing less in terms of commercial success and he want to break this barrier.

He is depending totally on Kanthasamy for a break. He feels Kanthasamy will do the best in biz and it will be a great commercial hit of the year.

Deepika Opens Out

"I am not dating any one particular guy. Even not Dhoni, Yuvaraj Singh or Ranbir Kapoor. I need everyone in my life" says Deepika Padukone.

She feels sad about Yuvaraj, as she feels Yuvaraj left her alone and went to Australian tour. In the case of Dhoni, she feels happy those days when both were roaming together all over India. In the case of Ranbir, only now she has started the relationship and to comment about him she need some more time.

She is worried, as she is being gossiped relating to many even before any of her movies have hit the screen.

She accepts that she has relationship with many and initially when the news came out she was shocked and now she is comfortable as there is nothing to hide. She also adds that her relationship with many started even during her college days.

Simbhu the Bad Boy again

G.T. Nandu, director of the movie Kettavan starring Simbhu was in deep trouble before couple of weeks. Though we weren't able to bring the latest fact, we have got the best for you. Actor Simbhu, who is always known for getting into controversies had great problem with Director G.T. Nandu.

During the shooting of Kettavan, there was some clash between both of them. Though the flaw was on the part of Simbhu, he wasn't accepting it and finally he had a great disastrous plan for Nandu. He had pulled and left him in a dark room over for a long time. Later some of the other crewmembers of the film unit had save him.

Ajith reacting well : Raju

Six months ago Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to grow a beard and Ajith obeyed the same. Ajith is found with beard for the past six months. Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to fight with Jakie Chan's stunt master. Ajith obeyed and the stunt went on in Hong Kong for 15 long days. Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to accept Nayanthara as his wife and now Ajith is singing duet with Nayanthara.

Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to change his career as a very strict police officer who does things as per the order received from his seniors, and Ajith is doing the same. All the above are for Rajusundaram directed and Ajith starred again. This is the first movie Rajusundaram is directing even though he has been dance master for more than 1000s of movies.

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