No more Bikini : Nayan

Nayantara seen with bikini in Billa have reported in a national news paper that “I still get compliments for my bikini shot in the movie Billa. It has been a while since its release, but my look in the film has received wide appreciation. I was given option ether to wear a one-piece swimsuit if I was not okay with appearing in a bikini.

But I was aware that I had the right attitude, so when I wore it for the shot, I was really comfortable in it. Rumors were there that I was paid a bomb for wearing the bikini, but there’s no truth in it. I will not wear a two-piece for a film again! I’ve done it once and I am very happy the audience accepted me. So if I did it again, I don’t think it will remain special. also believe in doing things just once and I don’t believe in repeating my act,”

Padmapriya as Buddhist

Actress Padmapriya, after actors such as Kamal Hassan, Vikram and Surya, is the first heroin recently to change her look to fit the movie character. She is working in a Malayalam movie Kuttyshranku with Mammootty. Padmapriy is playing a Buddhist monk and just to get into that character she is going to shave her head. She is reportedly reading up on Buddhist books to give the right character. Not getting good reviews from Tamil film industry she is concentrating in Malayalam movies.

Brosnan confident of his role in "Mamma Mia"

Former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan believes audiences will enjoy his role in the new musical 'Mamma Mia' since it is very different from what he is known for. The 55-year-old, who is known for his Bond roles, confessed that he was surprised when he got the role. quoted him as saying: 'All of us put our neck out on the line for this. That was what was so much fun about it. To see an ex-MI6 thespian singing and dancing in the world of Mamma Mia... people are going to howl.' The film was shot in Pinewood Studios, where four Bond movies were shot between 1995 and 2002.

Britney's sister to lose her baby during delivery

Jamie Lynn, younger sister of pop singer Britney Spears, was in danger of losing her baby in the delivery room when she gave birth recently.

The doctors had to perform a caesarean on 17 years old Lynn when they realised that she and the baby girl could have bled to death. She was diagnosed with marginal placenta previa, which could have been fatal since a part of the placenta extends to the mother's cervix. An insider said: 'Jamie Lynn was sick with worry. It was a lot for a 17-year-old to handle.'

Pooja for next Kamal's film "Marmayogi" postponed to July 13th

The latest news from the stable of Marmayogi suggests postponement! No, not the film, but the inaugural pooja.The inaugural pooja of Kamal Haasan's Marmayogi, which was earlier scheduled to be held on July 13, 2008, has now been postponed to July 25, 2008.

It is rumored in Kollywood that Pyramid Saimira expressed its inability to conduct the inaugural pooja, as they would be distributing the film worldwide. But Kamal insisted on a grand function and managed to organize one himself. Incidentally, Marmayogi, a joint venture between Kamal's Rajkamal Films and Pyramid Saimira, is produced on a first copy basis by Kamal. Marmayogi, touted to be a mega budget film, will be shot in various important cities across the world.

Aegan gears up for release

Aegan is racing against time to complete its shooting to enable a Deepavali release. With over 80 per cent of the shooting complete the team is gearing up to wrap the rest of it to commence post-production work.

After having shot some scenes in some exotic locales in India and abroad, the Aegan crew is now camped in Chennai. Over the last few days the team was spotted in several locations such as Guindy and Adyar in Chennai city. The Aegan team is now shooting a song sequence in the AVM studios for which 10 sets have been erected. From what we gather from reliable sources, a song is being filmed there, set at the backdrop of college cultural show, which turns out into a dream number featuring the lead pair Ajith and Nayanthara.

Boss eager to watch Kusalen in theatres

Though shooting of Kuselan has been completed, the unit was at Shanthi theatre this morning to shoot a few sequences as part of patch work. There were huge cut outs of Rajinikanth and it was the release day of Boss’s new film. Needless to say, fans of the actor thronged the theatre and performed their customary Paalabishegam to their matinee idol as part of the shooting.

According to the scene, Meena and Pasupathy come to the city to visit the latter’s childhood friend who is a famous star now and somehow manage to get into the theatre where Rajini’s film is being screened. There were 2000 junior artists along with members of Rajini’s fan club.

Director P Vasu reports that the Boss is very happy and excited about Kuselan and is keen to watch the film. Close circles reveal that Rajinikanth had never before had felt this way about any of his films and the interest and care he is showing on Kuselan is something remarkable

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