Theatres changing into Marraige halls

In tamilnadu, many theatres have now changed into Marraige halls and Shopping malls and this trend continues till now. The reason for this change is due to the release of pirated VCD's and DVD's when a new film arrives. The distributors and theatre owners say that this brings a big loss for them as people watch movies in home itself when a new film hits the screen. They say around 40% of people don't turn up to the theatre as they watch movie in their home itself. Adding fuel to this fire is that the latest trend of downloading the movie from the net (Like torrents, forums etc). With advancement of technology, can these be stopped.

Is youngsters replacing Seniors

The trend has changed in Kollywood with youngsters have come up and you se a lot of film involving youngsters in front of the silverscreen. Is this trend leading to youngsters replacing Seniors in film freternity. An example of this trend is the creation and success of the movies like Saroja, Chennai28, Polladhavan, Sakkarakati, and so on which involves young artists alone. Will this make a benchmark in Indian Film Industry. Let's look for it.

Will Rajni rock in Robo

As the shooting for Robo started in US, the photographs of Robo shooting spot has been released with Rajni and Ash in glamorous outfit. These created hype for the movie. Will these sustain till the film is released. Will Superstar rock in Robo is the one to be watched for as his previous venture Kuselan bombed in box office although he did a guest role. lets wait till Diwali 2009 for the film release.

Rekha felicitated for her contribution to cine Industry

Yesteryear actress Rekha received an award for her contribution to Bollywood. Her rare public appearence sent the paparazzi into a tizzy. That underscored the fact that the popularity of the veteran star has not diminished a bit, even though she comes out to the public glare rarely these days. She glittered the packed gathering of producers and invitees who assembled at Time and Again convention centre at Lokhandwala in north-west Mumbai Friday for the 69th annual general meeting of Indian Motion Pictures' Producers Association.
Accepting the award, the actress said that though she had received scores of awards in her 40-year career in movies, including the National Award, she considered the IMPPA award the most prestigious award as it was being given to her by her own fraternity. 'I always held my producers in high esteem and so I consider the IMPPA award as the most esteemed one I have ever received,' remarked the veteran star. The producers' body honoured Rekha for her 'significant contributions to the film industry'.
IMPPA also similarly honoured director Madhu Bhandarkar and veteran producers Prakash Mehra and Surinder Kapoor (father of Anil Kapoor). Bhushan Kumar of T. Series was given the Producer of the Year award. Kumar's latest movie, 'Karzzz', is releasing next week. Director Bimal Roy, the maker of such memorable movies as 'Do Bigha Zameen', 'Madhumati' and 'Bandini', was honoured posthumously.

Sakkarakatti begins in style

Launch vehicle for two star children, 'Sakkarakkatti' is a movie without surprises. Kala Prabhu, son of south Indian movie mogul S. Thanu, has created a huge extravaganza painted appropriately on the big-screen canvas with a flourish by cinematographer Andrew. Despite a placid story, casual script and conspicuously absent zing in the tale's tail, the movie entertains. It is a boy-meets-girl-and-three-is-a-crowd love triangle between a city slicker Yuvraj (Shantanu, son of K. Bhagyaraj), Deepali (Ishita Sharma) and Reema (Vedhika) with an 'all is well that ends well' kind of climax. Obviously sure of Shantanu's doubtful prowess in the departments of melodramatic close-ups and hysterical histrionics, Prabhu has cleverly avoided those. Instead, he has supplanted them with college capers bound to trigger claps galore. Rahman's songs carry the film and are catchy

Is Sangeetha Married to Playback Singer Krish????

The news that rocked Kollywood is Sangeetha's marriage with Playback singer Krish secretly in Tirupathi. Actress Sangeetha and play back singer Krish were in love for a long time, but now they are married. Sangeetha made her debut with the movie Kabadi Kabai and then Pithamagaghan, Uyir and finally Dhanam. So why did they wait for so long because even though Sangeetha`s parents were in favour of the marriage Krish`s parents did not. They got married at the Tirupathi temple secretly. One reason why Krish`s parents did not agree to this marriage is might be because they both belong to different class. No one was invited to their wedding. But both Sangeetha and Krish has denied these news and said that these news were utterly rubbish.
Krish told that "I woke up to hear my dad asking me if I had married Sangeetha? I was shocked to hear that a leading Tamil daily has reported this. Sangeeta is my good friend like many others in the industry. The rumour must have been triggered when we went with our friends to Tirupati for attending actress Maheswari's wedding".
At the moment Krish is a craze among youngsters after June Ponal..(Unnale Unnale) Saghiye.. (Dhaam Dhoom) and is now rocking with Adiye Kolluthe…( Vaaranam Aayiram). But comman friends of both Krish and Sangeetha say that they are seeing each other, though marriage is still a long way off.

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