Upcoming Hollywood Movies

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Cast : Abigail Breslin, Joan Cusack, Glenne Headly
Director: P. Rozema
Opens: July 2nd 2008

Story: Kit Kittredge is a clever and resourceful nine-year-old girl growing up in 1934 during America's Great Depression. A series of robberies however soon lead to her pursuing her dreams of becoming a newspaper reporter.

Righteous Kill

Cast : Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, 50 Cent, Carla Gugino
Director: Jon Avnet
Opens: Sept. 12th 2008

Story: Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino reunite on-screen to play longtime partners - Detectives David Fisk and Thomas Cowan- who investigate a series of vigilante killings in a gritty and sophisticated New York City crime thriller.

Rani in a single outfit

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji, who is often admired for the elaborate saris and dresses she flaunts in her films, will be sporting just one outfit in her forthcoming film 'Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic'.

'I wanted to create an iconic figure. If you look at Superman, Mr. India, Gabbar Singh and Mogambo, they all wear the same outfits in their films,' Kunal Kohli, the co-producer, director and writer of the film told IANS on the phone from Mumbai. 'I don't know whether it would succeed or not but that is what I wanted,' he added. Her outfit is a one-layered affair crafted by fashion designer Manish Malhotra. The film, starring Rani, Saif Ali Khan and four children, was premiered Friday.

The film also gave Rani the opportunity to enact a scene while suspended in midair. 'It was for the first time that I got to hang from a harness while shooting for the film. I was very excited,' Rani said. The film revolves around four children and a man whom they hate - till God sends down an angel to sort their lives out.

Kusalen audio release on July 1st

Buzz Buzz; after Kuselan Rajinikanth is considering doing a film with P. Vasu. If you are waiting for the movie Robot, you may have to wait bit longer because it’s a big budget movie with heavy graphics.

Just not to disappoint the fans he is working with P. Vasu to do another movie meanwhile. Kuselan crew was at the Shanthi theatre to shoot couple of sequences and there were Rajini fan club members performed paalabishegam to Rajini’s cut-outs. Kuslen audio is to be released on July the 1st.

Visitors can download the audio songs first in this blog.

Simran looks to beat Kamal's Dasavatharam

In the serial Simran Thirai with a short story Naravelli Simran will act in 14 different roles. In June 30 Monday to Friday Jaya TV will telecast the Navavelli show. This story is about Annai Adhiparasakthi saving people and fighting the evil. Simran had done an extraordinary performance as usual.

"Early 2012" Script

Latino Review has posted up an in-depth, spoiler-filled look at the storyline for Roland Emmerich's $200 million top-secret "2012" project.

We know its an epic about an apocalypse coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar. Now its been revealed that the cause seems to be severe storms on the surface of the sun have a grave effect on Earth.

Events of the film start in 2009 and move through to 2012 with much of the world's elite power players weathering the disaster in specially-built ships. Disasters seen in the film include earthquakes, tsunamis, dust clouds and Yellowstone's supervolcano erupting.

The reviewer is not kind - "This is an almost completely by-the-numbers disaster movie, featuring all the requisite dubious science, silly and implausible set-pieces, narrative clichés, broad, one-dimensional characters, and heavy handed attempts at emotion and morals that one would expect from the genre...there is really no aspect of this film that we haven't already seen in dozens of other action, sci-fi, and disaster blockbusters. It is so steeped in predictability, ridiculousness, and cliché that it borders on self-parody."

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