Sania inbetween Shahid-Vidya Balan Friendship

Well Kismat Konnection has been released and ironically, it seems that the two co stars of the film, Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan are reportedly drifting away from each other. And the person supposedly responsible for this state of affairs is none other than the second woman in Shahid's life.
Everybody knows how close Vidya and Shahid were. They both even share the same designer. Vidya has been there for Shahid during the period when Kareena broke up with him. In fact, they became such close friends that most people have been speculating that they were in love. They may not have been in love, but were pretty close. That is until a certain Sania Mirza made her way into Shahid's life. Apparently, Sania is not happy with the Vidya Shahid relationship and to please her, Shahid has stopped ecommunicating with Vidya. Shahid, Vidya, Aziz Mirza's daughter and a couple of others would all hang out together but in recent times, the actor has been acting very aloof. On the Sania front, things seem to be going very well. Shahid recently organised a special screening of Kismat Konnection for Sania. It was attended by the tennis star, Shahid and his family. Quite cosy.

Hounsou as villan

Djimon Hounsou will star in and produce a film based on the Conan the Barbarian" character Thulsa Doom for Dynamite Entertainment. According to Variety, the film will showcase the origins of the flawed hero turned immortal sorcerer and show how his road to hell was paved with good intentions. The character which will be featured in his own comic book series next year, first appeared in the Robert E. Howard 30's pulp story "Delcardes' Cat". He was previously portrayed onscreen by James Earl Jones in 1982's "Conan the Barbarian".

Tom Cruise in sequel

Tom Cruise has been asked to reprise his role as cocky fighter-pilot Maverick in a "Top Gun" sequel. It's been twenty-two years since the first film in which Cruise played a Navy pilot trainee and now a sequel script has apparently been penned. "The idea is Maverick is at the Top Gun school as an instructor - and this time it is he who has to deal with a cocky new female pilot" a source tells the paper.

Shilpa And Shamita Shetty in Kollywood

Shilpa Shetty and her sister Shamitha Shetty will act in Tamil movie. Their movie Fareb in Hindi is being dubbed in Tamil. In Tamil the movie will be titled Kama Sathileelavathy which is an emotional thriller. The cast includes Shilpa Shety, Shamita Shetty, and Manoj Bajpai. Shilpa Shetty is playing the wife of Aditya who is played by Bajpai. She is a doctor named Neha.

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