Happy Birthday Vijay

Vijay is unveiling his flag on his 35th birthday this Sunday. This occasion is taking place at the Akila Indiya Vijay Rasigar Narpani Mandram. The interesting fact about his flag is that it bears a similarity to Rajini’s flag. Rajini’s flag is Light Blue, with White and Red with his image imprinted in a star. Now Vijay’s flag is Light Blue and White with Vijay’s face over it.

Another person to have a flag is Vijayakanth which he used it for his party’s flag follewed by Sarath Kumar. And now it’s Vijay’s turn?? Or he may not go into politics after all. As we wait for the outcome, Vijay will be celebrating his birthday at 4.30 pm at the University of Madras, Centenary Hall.

Vikram and Illena in K S Ravikumar project

Dasavatharam is ready for release and you don't see Director K.S.Ravikumar excited about. Well, he had already started working on scripts for his forthcoming project and of course, shooting would commence too.

Vikram, who at present busy shooting for films of Mani Rathnam and Kandasamy plays the lead role. Though Vikram recommended Trisha to be roped in as female lead role, but KS. Ravikumar's idea was to get in Ileana and he had done it.

Ileana, the hot and bubbly girl of Tollywood makes her re-entry into Tamil Cinema with this flick. Shooting for the film would soon commence…

Kamal's Next Venture 'Marmayogi' launched

Marmayogi, a bi-lingual period film in Hindi and Tamil, set in the seventh century will be the biggest film made in Tamil and it is being scripted and directed by Kamal Hassan. This film is said to be the costliest film ever made in India. Pyramid Saimira will lend their shoulders by aiding Kamal Hassan to produce this film. This will be the first time that some latest technology will be incorporated in this movie. Kamal Hassan was already in USA to try his get up in this periodic film.

The RED Camera, with his high output quality for a low price, is said to be a welcome development for film-makers with low budget. Accordingly, it was expected that Marmayogi would be the first Tamil movie to be shot by that technology. The film is a remake of the 1951 MGR-Anjali Devi starrer of the same name.

The film is based on the novel, 'Vendetta: The story of one forgotten', written by Marie Corelli in the year 1886. The movie launch function of Marmayogi will take place on July 13, 2008. Kamal Haasan has decided to hold the function at Grand Hotel in Mumbai

Stars Galaxy in Kusalen

To commemorate the 75th year of Tamil cinema, P.Vasu has now included a song sequence which begins with the words 'Cinema…cinema…MGR, Sivaji, NTR....ivargal irundha cinema…..inimale idhu pol varuma'.

Nearly thirty actors and actress will participate in this song sequence including Ajith, Vijay, Vikram, Surya and Trisha. The main highlight of the song is to elucidate the sufferings and pressures the technicians face during making of a film. The song will also highlight that unity of the technicians can only fulfill the success of a film.

Satyam to be released on August 15th

On Independence Day, on the 15 of August director Rajasekharan have planed to release Vishal starrer movie Sathyam. Vishal plays a cop with Nayantara for the first time with Nayantara. With Upendra as the villain and Jeyaraj takes the music this movie is packed with action, humor and of course sentiments as expected. This movie is expected to hit the box office very high.

Trisha slapped by a lady

Every weekend you can find Trish at discotheque of star hotels in Chennai. She enjoys Sula (a white wine manufactured from Nasik) while she dances with young crowd.
When she and her friends decided to leave around 12:30 am, she bumped into a woman who was entering into the hall. Trisha apologized as a sign of courtesy, but for that, the lady slapped Trisha more than three times and used abusive words. As usual big crowd gathered to prevent the problem from developing further.

Her friends helped Trisha to go home safely. The Hotel admin apologized on behalf of the lady and also requested the actress to leave the place due to security reasons but Trisha wanted to know details of the lady.

Later she found out that the woman is a wife of a powerful police officer known to Trisha. He has warned Trisha about the public nuisance in the past

Suman - next Prakash Raj in Kollywood

If Prakash Raj is the most desperate person at present, Suman would be happiest in Kollywood now. Prakash Raj had accepted many projects and at a point that started affecting his shooting schedules. Due to his prolonged absence in most of the shootings, especially in Tollywood, he has been banned now.

It is also mentionable that he is at the similar danger zone in Kollywood.Now Suman has started replacing Prakash Raj in most of the films.

Recent release Kuruvi was supposed to have Prakash Raj in baddie role. But due to long shooting schedule, Prakash Raj couldn't make it up and Suman picked up the chance.

Now, he has been roped into Ajith's next movie titled Aegan directed by Raju Sundaram and Dhanush starrer Padikadhavan directed by Suraaj.

Dhanush's advance booking of super stars film title

The funniest and silliest part in Kollywood has been recently happening in Kodambakkam. Dhanush after witnessing success with Polladhavan has booked around 70 movie titled of Rajnikanth.

Well, it is more evident that his next film as Padikaadhavan. Buzzes are that he has approached Producers Council booking for around 70 titles of Rajnikanth and that includes Baba too. It is believed that he has vowed since Rajnikanth's film of Baba was a flop, with the same title he will give a great hit. Also he has instructed few members of Producers Council that none of the titles should be given to Simbhu…

Ajith wants to give his best

Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar has more focused in his career soon after the success of his previous venture Billa. Now he has decided that he would be taking up only one project at a time. This in order to focus only one flick and to give the best out of him to the directors as well the audiences.

At present, he is busy shooting for the remake of Hindi movie Main Hoon Na titled Aegan. Suman plays the role of baddie that was performed by Sunil Shetty in original version.

Shooting is moving on slowly, since each and every shot has been very finely framed. Yuvan Shankar Raja has completed scoring music for all the lyrics. Music for the film is slated to be launched somewhere in the middle of July

Jakkubhai Surya

Much before the Dasavatharam fever would end up in tinsel town, K.S.Ravikumar has been rocking with couple of projects in his hand. With Vikram playing lead role in his another flick, K.S.Ravikumar did launch his other movie produced by Radaan Media Network.

The movie was launched privately at the office of Raadan Media where only few celebrities were invited. Actor Surya was present for the occasion not just as a guest, but it was only during this occasion, it was revealed that Surya too plays a prominent leading role in the movie.

Jakkubhai was supposed to have Rajnikanth in lead role and it was left out of hands due to some reason the project was dropped. Now, the film has become sensational with Surya and Sarath Kumar in lead roles. Sarath Kumar plays dual roles with Shriya Charan playing female lead role. Director Ravikumar has been on the heels of roping in Tabu to play female lead role…

Vikram on a roll

Chiyaan Vikram is brimming up for many projects in hands now. Before he would get completed with the shooting of Kandasamy, he has now been roped into Mani Rathnam's film that is yet to be titled.

This bi-lingual flick has Vikram pairing up with Aishwarya Rai Bacchan. Before he could have his level of excitement getting down, K.S.Ravikumar did come up with his offer. This commercial movie will have Vikram playing dual roles and would be romancing with Nayanthara. So its not gonna be double, but triple cheers for Vikram…

Super Hero - Surya Together

Long time back, the best sensational news that were hitting headlines of tinsel town was K.S.Ravikumar and Superstar Rajnikanth joining hands together for 'Jakkubhai'. But later, Rajnikanth got himself relieved from the project due to unknown reasons. After these periods of 4 years, K.S.Ravikumar after dusting and getting the script polished has geared up with Sarath Kumar.

Sarath Kumar has played dual roles in several flicks and they have witnessed both successes as well failures. But now, K.S.Ravikumar has crafted dual role for Sarath Kumar here again in Jakkubhai. Well, the most tantalizing part over here is Actor Surya performs prominent role pairing up with Shriya Charan.

Sarath Kumar earlier was reported to pair up with Sneha, then approached Bollywood actress Tabu. Finally, both Sarath Kumar and K.S.Ravikumar have zeroed down at Kamilini Mukherji…

Kamal's Next Venture

Dasavatharam fever is still ruling across the far-flung corners of the globe and Kamal Haasan has started working on his forthcoming projects. As known earlier, his film titled 'Marmayogi' doesn't feature him in just lead role, but also has an auteur handling story, screenplay, dialogues and direction.

Hema Malini has been already roped into the film and still buzzes are running on whom would be the other heroine? Will it be Kajol or Asin is something we have to wait and see. A.R.Rahman scoring music for the film will set to be another main limelight in this flick.

Sources close to him have also revealed that he is glimpsing through certain novels penned by John Grisham. Probably looks like, he has plans to adapt those novels that have been already made into films in Hollywood…

Prithviraj to play Techno Savvy role

Prithviraj will act in a techno savvy role in the film titled Nagerkoil. This film is being produced by B.Arumugam. Padmapriya will be pairing with him in this film. Prithviraj who appears in a very mod and peppy role in this film is accustomed to the modern life style.
But the twist in this film is that he comes from a very orthodox background whose hereditary is of a temple priest who is a medium between God and common people. Prithviraj is scared that he may be forced to undertake the family traditional profession after his father.

Now enter his lady love Padmapriya who loves and marries him and enters his house. What happens during this conflict forms the back drop of this film. E.M.S.Raja has written the dialogues and the film is directed by Surender

Another comedian turns hero

One more comedian is in the road to turning into a hero and it is none other than our Karunas. His movie Dindugal Sarathy is a remake of Vadakku Nokki Endhiram, which is a Malayalam movie.

His lady will be played by Karthika from the movie Nam Naadu. Director Sivashanmugan is directing the film and produced by Dream Towers Ltd. Karunas plays a husband who is scared of his wife’s beauty which leads him to hate handsome men.

Vijay to unveil his flag

Vijay will flay to Chennai on June 22 for his birthday celebration with his fans at the fan club association. At the celebration Vijay will unveil the flag for him. Does this mean politics for Vijay in the future?

Well according to his fan “It too early to say. But he is a mass hero and is admired by everyone. Obviously a flag will bring all the fans together. “

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