Malavika expects positive result

Malavika, even though married a year before, still dance for Kuththu songs, till to the satisfaction of the directors.

That is one reason, she is always on high demand. When a news related to her pregnancy came out, Kollywood was upset. We contacted her on behalf of all jollers of Malavika about her pregnancy, and she answered with her usual big smile!

"Only doctors have to confirm about my pregnancy and I doubt I may be pregnant. I am under diagnostics and I hope it should give me positive result" says Malavika.

Meera Hospitalized

Its not Men, but this time its male bees that chased Meera Jasmine and few went to the extent of kissing her and few arrogant ones sting her. Stings now put her in hospital and she is on medical treatment. Dr. Rajesakar is doing a Telugu movie under the title "Korintaakku" in which Meera is acting as sister of Rajasekar.

Shooting was taken in Mehboob Nagar near by Hyderabad and to witness the shooting lots of villagers gathered. Out of enthusiasm few claimed on tree tops and few disturbed a bee hive making the bees to wake up. Waked up bees, initially were angered and stinged few people and when they found meera, a competition among them was created and they started kissing her, and made her to get hospitalize!!!

I am a Call Center Girl only : Shriya

Shriya is acting in an English movie. The movie is produced by Vijay Amirtaraj for Hollywood. Shriya is so happy acting in a Hollywood movie. The movie is titled "The other end of the line". These are all very very old stories.

Her role in the movie is, she is a call center girl. According to the story, as a call center girl working in India, she was helping her clients based in US and she fell in love with one her clients, then the story moves on. One of the magazine mistook Call center girl as call girl and wrote all non sense about her!!!

Is Simbu eyeing Hindi

Even though there is no movie for Simbhu in Tamil and there is no one to speak a single word positive about him, he now wants to move to hindi.

There are few Kollywoodians who pray to their god, for him to move away to Mumbai instead of causing unwanted news here.

The reason of his plans for hindi is that he want to remake one of his Tamil movies, as Gajini is being remade in hindi.

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