Love Story 2050 - Review

It is easy to see that the purpose of Love Story 2050, directed by Harry Baweja, is essentially to peddle the producer-director's son. This sci-fi love story is merely a long, boring, silly and expensive excuse to find a new superstar.

So, since it's all about Harman Baweja, who we're told about 20 times in the film that he's 23 years old, let's just put it this way; he is not a bad actor at all.

I think it takes some skill to play Hrithik Roshan this well, right from his dance movements to his diction and manners. It seems more funny than uncanny.

The film itself is basically a stock Rakesh Roshan subject, the sorts of Karan Arjun meets Kaho Naa Pyar Hai meets Koi Mil Gaya on a really bad day.

We find our Sydney super-dude in love with a stranger, that's Priyanka Chopra. We know nothing about the girl besides that she has an unbearable screen presence. They've gone on two or three dates. She dies.

For some reason the boy knows she'll come alive in Mumbai in 2050. He gets on his uncle's time machine, flies out to get her back from her rebirth.

The rest is a relentlessly hammering mix of even some good stuff we've seen before that's turned into B-grade Bollywood: there is the mad-scientist from Back To The Future, the wigs from Fifth Element, light-saber from Star Wars.

This so-called science fiction fantasy starts only in the second half of the movie. Until then we were twiddling our thumb. But after that, the pointlessness never stops. Really, I think, I should stop here.

We're no prophets of boom. I have no idea what Mumbai would be like in 2050. Let alone flying cars and teleporting human beings, I'd be very happy if there was a Metro in the city by then. We should be happy if Bombay made much better films by 2050 as well.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - Review

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na marks the acting debut of Aamir Khan’s nephew Imraan Khan. Abbas Tyrewala of Munnabhai M.B.B.S and Main Hoon Na fame (as a writer) has scripted and directed this fun flick mainly targetted at the youth. This is also the first movie from Aamir Khan productions to not feature the superstar himself. But any product that Aamir lends his name to, is keenly anticipated and be rest assured, high on quality. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is no exception!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is about Jai Singh Rathore a.k.a Rats (Imraan Khan), a Rajput who doesnt believe in violence and Aditi Mahant a.k.a Meow (Genelia D’Souza), a cute and violent girl. Aditi feels Jai is a big coward and Jai says her parents should have rinsed her mouth with soap! They fight like crazy but just cant live without each other. They are almost a made for each other couple, their parents know this, friends know it, but they believe they are just great friends, no more, no less. Does friendship turn into love?

Jane Tu Ya Jane Na Review

Whatever Aamir Khan touches seems to be turning into gold. First Lagaan, then Taare Zameen Par and now Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, although not in the same league, is yet another classic from Aamir Khan productions. What works for Jaane Tu is the well etched characters, performed brilliantly by the actors. Its not just the main characters, but even the supporting characters that add a lot of value to Jaane Tu.

Director Abbas Tyrewala has executed the script with brilliance. The first half is almost flawless, a simple tale of friendship and love, that either makes you smile or laugh. The second half, could have been better.. it tends to drag a tad bit at times and gets predictable when Genelia is engaged. The writer should have opted for a different climax and made it slightly more believable. The dialogues are witty, hilarious at times and brilliant. The music by A.R. Rehman is perfect for the movie. “Pappu cant dance saala” and “Kabhi Kabhi” stand out.

Scenes that stand out in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

1. Aditi’s parents and Jai’s discussion on the engagement. Funny!

2. Aditi wonders how the 5 years passed by. “On the phone beta” says Jai’s mom.

3. Scene between Amit and Aditi, his confession. Heart warming and brilliant!

4. Aditi begins to realise her love for Jai only when Manjari Phadnis enters the scene. The jealousy, sadness and regret is executed and performed perfectly.

5. When Amit takes Aditi into his room.

6. Scenes between Jai’s mother and his dead father (he talks from a portrait). Hilarious!

7. The chemistry between the gang of 6 friends.

8. Honestly I didnt like the climax, but the performance by Genelia and Imraan, when surrounded by the cops, makes an impact.

I can just go on and on, great moments make a great movie and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na has simply fantastic moments in abundance. Coming to the performances, Imraan Khan reminded me a lot of Aamir Khan, especially the mischievious grin. Imraan overall makes a solid debut, not once does he go over the top. A good restrained performance, this actor will surely go a long way. Genelia D’Souza’s expressions alone are worth the price of the ticket. She oozes cuteness and performs well. Manjari Phadnis looks good, acts well. Ratna Pathak Shah is superb as always. Paresh Rawal makes you laugh a couple of times. Naseeruddin Shah in a short role is just perfect. The director has managed to extract excellent performances from every other character actor.

Overall, Jaane Tu is immensely enjoyable and high on entertainment. If your looking for a movie on friendship and love, that makes you smile and laugh at times. Dont miss it! At the box-office, the lacklustre performance of Love Story 2050 along with good word out mouth should ensure a HIT status atleast!

Sandhya Rejects

Actress Sandhya was approached by director Sakthi Chidambaram to play a heroin in his movie Rajathi Raj but she turned it down. Sandhya did not stop at that she also gave a reason for it as well. She said I feel fussy even with two heroines but this film is with six ladies with one hero. This is why she said no. She likes to do meaningful roles even if it shows her as a villain which would shows her acting skills but not this way. Even glamorous roles with certain boundaries she would accept. She is currently working with the movie Odipollama as a college student

Simbu and Nayan together ???

After a long break up between Simbu and Nayantara the sources say they are trying to get back together. Simbu came to a star hotel in Chennai to meet with his friend actor Vishal and got surprised to see who was there. Apperantly Trisha was there with Nayantara. Simbu incurred early about Nayantara and her to ask about his next project. Gossip has it that they are in the making up mood after their big brake up!

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