Was Nayantara forced in the movie Satyam???

After the release of the photos from the movie Sathyam with Vishal and Nayanthara doing a very steamy song has created a big wave among the public. This created fame for that movie. There are some “talks” about the movie Sathyam that Nayantara was forced to do the hot number with Vishal. The director, Rajasekhar says that the Nayantara was not compelled to do this. She was informed well in advance before signing the deal.

Vadivelu replies to news about the bad remarks of him in the media

As you may have read before about Vadivelu walking out of Suraj’s movie Padikathavan. Now what does Vadivelu has to say about this?
According to Vadivelu
'I normally improvise my role on screen. Having been in the industry for over two decades, I know the tastes and preference of the audience' 'Unfortunately when I tried to improvise in the sets of movie ‘Padikathavan’, I was resisted. I had no troubles acting in the movies Marudhamalai and Thalainagram directed by Suraj before'.
Do you think he is right?

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